The Japanese Translations of the Hebrew Bible

The Japanese Translations of the Hebrew Bible Author Doron B. Cohen
ISBN-10 9789004243477
Year 2013-01-11
Pages 451
Language en
Publisher BRILL

The Japanese Translations of the Hebrew Bible: History, Inventory and Analysis tells the story of the translation of the Bible into Japanese against the background of the transplanting of Christianity in Japan. It includes a detailed inventory of Old Testament translations, with linguistic and theological analyses of choice verses.

Translation and Religion

Translation and Religion Author Lynne Long
ISBN-10 9781847695505
Year 2005-05-20
Pages 211
Language en
Publisher Multilingual Matters

This volume addresses the methods and motives for translating the central texts of the world’s religions and investigates a wide range of translation challenges specific to the unique nature of these writings. Translation theory underpins the methodology for the analysis of a variety of scriptures and brings important and sensitive issues of translation to the fore.

The Birth Report Genre in the Hebrew Bible

The Birth Report Genre in the Hebrew Bible Author Timothy D. Finlay
ISBN-10 3161487451
Year 2005
Pages 292
Language en
Publisher Mohr Siebeck

Timothy D. Finlay conducts a comprehensive analysis of all birth reports in the Hebrew Bible. These passages include genealogies, stories of annunciation to barren women and prophetic narratives. The birth reports may be short but they contribute greatly to the plot.

Philosophical Interpretations of the Old Testament

Philosophical Interpretations of the Old Testament Author Seizo Sekine
ISBN-10 9783110340761
Year 2014-01-31
Pages 267
Language en
Publisher Walter de Gruyter

This monograph challenges the extremes of faith-based theological approaches and value-free historical-critical methods by pursuing the middle path of philosophical hermeneutics. Drawing on Eastern and Western philosophy, the author proposes original interpretive solutions to the Akedah, Jeremiah and other biblical texts. Readers will also gain fresh insights into problems of monotheism, religious faith and identity, suffering and modern ethics.

A Comparative Study of the Origins of Ethical Thought

A Comparative Study of the Origins of Ethical Thought Author Seizo Sekine
ISBN-10 9781461674597
Year 2005-01-20
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher Sheed & Ward

The Origins of Ethical Thought: A Comparative Study Between Hellenism and Hebraism is the first text to analyze both Greek and Hebrew ethical thought based on a comprehensive and ideological interpretation of the two systems on their own and in relation to one another. An innovative work of interdisciplinary scholarship, this book focuses on the plurality of perspectives between and within the respective ethical systems. Without overdrawing comparisons, the author engages selected primary and secondary texts and highlights the traits that distinguish the two fields while revealing the commonalities underlying ancient Hebraic and Hellenistic concepts of the self in relation to the "other," whether on the human or super-human level. He reveals that both ethical systems are based on a sense of "wonder," which, he argues, can and should be rehabilitated as a foundation for a new ethics that is in touch with the transcendent and metaphysical. Moreover, writing from a Japanese frame of reference, the author incorporates important insights by Eastern thinkers that are often overlooked in the West. Well conceived and logically presented, The Origins of Ethical Thought covers the practical philosophy of the ancient Greeks from the Presocratics through Aristotle, the religious ethics of the Ancient Hebrews from the Ten Commandments to the Wisdom literature, and the consequences of Greek and Hebrew ethics from philosophical ideas of love and righteousness to religious notions of retribution and atonement.

The Message

The Message Author Eugene H. Peterson
ISBN-10 1617471453
Year 2011-06-17
Pages 2272
Language en
Publisher The Message

Connection and communication are vital in relationships, but what about in your relationship with God? Is it more of a duty than a delight? In this 6-session Bible study, the first in a series from Pray! Resources, you'll discover greater joy and intimacy in your most important relationship. Free leader's guide is available for download.

Is That a Fish in Your Ear

Is That a Fish in Your Ear Author David Bellos
ISBN-10 9780865478725
Year 2011-10-11
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux

A New York Times Notable Book for 2011 One of The Economist's 2011 Books of the Year People speak different languages, and always have. The Ancient Greeks took no notice of anything unless it was said in Greek; the Romans made everyone speak Latin; and in India, people learned their neighbors' languages—as did many ordinary Europeans in times past (Christopher Columbus knew Italian, Portuguese, and Castilian Spanish as well as the classical languages). But today, we all use translation to cope with the diversity of languages. Without translation there would be no world news, not much of a reading list in any subject at college, no repair manuals for cars or planes; we wouldn't even be able to put together flat-pack furniture. Is That a Fish in Your Ear? ranges across the whole of human experience, from foreign films to philosophy, to show why translation is at the heart of what we do and who we are. Among many other things, David Bellos asks: What's the difference between translating unprepared natural speech and translating Madame Bovary? How do you translate a joke? What's the difference between a native tongue and a learned one? Can you translate between any pair of languages, or only between some? What really goes on when world leaders speak at the UN? Can machines ever replace human translators, and if not, why? But the biggest question Bellos asks is this: How do we ever really know that we've understood what anybody else says—in our own language or in another? Surprising, witty, and written with great joie de vivre, this book is all about how we comprehend other people and shows us how, ultimately, translation is another name for the human condition.

Leshon Limmudim

Leshon Limmudim Author David A. Baer
ISBN-10 9780567308238
Year 2014-03-27
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher A&C Black

In the course of along and noteworthy career, Dr Andrew Macintosh has trained a large number of students in the language and literature of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. Someof these have gone on to achieve recognition as leading biblical scholars, whileothers have occupied positions of influence in education and religion. All have been shaped by the honorand's unquenchable enthusiasm for the Hebrew language and its employment in texts ancient, medieval, and modern. In addition to hisown estimable scholarly publications, Dr Macintosh has been a valued and appreciated colleague to others in his field. A select number ofthose colleagues-some of whom learned Hebrew as the honorand's pupils- present cutting-edge essays on the language, literature, and context of the HebrewBible and Old Testament as a gesture of respect to their friend, mentor, and colleague. From drunken Noah to behind closed doors in the Davidic monarchy, from the biblical genesis of humanity to the biblical lexicon of wine-making, senior scholars here present discerning essays that address the wide range of biblical studies which characterizes the career and contribution of their colleague A.A.Macintosh.

Ben Sira s God

Ben Sira s God Author Renate Egger-Wenzel
ISBN-10 3110175592
Year 2002
Pages 393
Language en
Publisher Walter de Gruyter

What is said about God in Ben Sira is illuminated against Old and New Testament background. This volume of proceedings contains separate overarching and exegetic studies on the subject matter. A broad consideration of Jewish influence throughout history rounds out the picture. In addition to individual studies, the appendix offers various reports relating to Ben Sira and a list of errata for the edition by P. C. Beentjes.