Sequence Knitting

Sequence Knitting Author Cecelia Campochiaro
ISBN-10 0986338109
Year 2015-03-31
Pages 375
Language en

Every knitter, whether a beginner or an expert, wants easy projects for travel, gifts or those times when following a complex pattern is impractical. Sequence Knitting introduces a radical and simple approach for creating amazing fabrics by working a sequence of stitches over and over again. Beginning with 1-row patterns, the book delves into the possibilities of this technique, expanding into methods for creating complex designs that can be worked back and forth, in the round, or in shapes like triangles. The book includes stitch dictionaries with over 190 fabrics, many of which are new and reversible, as well as over 40 patterns for simple and elegant accessories. The simplicity of the knitting enables a thoughtful exploration of color and fiber, so designer Cecelia Campochiaro wraps up the book by considering color, fiber and variegated yarns. This groundbreaking book is sure to become a classic must-have for every knitter's reference library.

Knitting New Scarves

Knitting New Scarves Author Lynne Barr
ISBN-10 9781453268414
Year 2012-10-30
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher Open Road Media

Scarves are often the first garments beginning knitters try. Then, when they feel ready for a greater creative thrill, they move on to other types of garments. In Knitting New Scarves, Lynne Barr beckons all levels of knitters back to their humble beginnings and then wows them with 27 spectacularly modern designs, each created using an innovative new technique or a unique take on a traditional one. This novel approach, which dares knitters to rethink what is possible by simply manipulating knits and purls, leads to a collection of flattering, functional, and fun-to-make accessories. Imagine a scarf that looks like a strand of black pearls or unfolds like an accordion, one that playfully draws inspiration from the famed Chanel jacket or a twisting futuristic high-rise. Every scarf is shown in its finished form in beautiful still-lifes by photographer Tyllie Barbosa, and, when unusual techniques are called for, up-close step-by-step photos are provided as well. This means every scarf in this masterful collection is both captivating and accessible for all levels of knitters. This is a fixed-format ebook, which preserves the design and layout of the original print book.

Knitting Short Rows

Knitting Short Rows Author Jennifer Dassau
ISBN-10 9781632502582
Year 2016-11-18
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher "F+W Media, Inc."

Shape your knitwear seamlessly--using short-rows! Add seamless curves, soft angles, and depth to your finished pieces with Knitting Short Rows. Inside, Jennifer Dassau teaches you this essential technique in a beautiful package, providing know-how and design inspiration. Learn to create short-rows through five easy-to-learn methods: wrap and turn knitting, the yarnover method, German short-rows, Japanese short-rows, and twin stitch shadow wraps. Master each through an illustrated step-by-step guide, discover how to choose your short-row method, and more! Then, show off your short-row skills with 17 knitting patterns for fashionable hats, cowls, mitts, shawls, and garments. Whether you want to enhance your knitting repertoire or are seeking great new designs for your knitted wardrobe, you'll find just what you're looking for in Knitting Short-Rows: Techniques for Great Shapes & Angles.

25 Stylish Knitted Slippers

25 Stylish Knitted Slippers Author Rae Blackledge
ISBN-10 9780811762380
Year 2015-11-15
Pages 128
Language en
Publisher Stackpole Books

Relaxing in your "comfy" clothes will never be the same! From traditional bunny slippers, elf shoes, and ballet slippers to loafers, saddle shoes--even cowboy boots--this collection of 25 original designs brings fun and whimsy to your feet!

Pop Knitting

Pop Knitting Author Britt-Marie Christoffersson
ISBN-10 1596687827
Year 2012-05-22
Pages 216
Language en
Publisher Interweave

Celebrated author Britt-Marie Christoffersson has studied color and texture in knitting for more than 25 years. Pop Knitting showcases her intensive work, demonstrating how minimal ingredients can be combined in seemingly endless ways to create striking, graphic knitted fabrics. Using a variety of innovative stitch manipulation techniques, this book explores how to construct highly textured fabrics and gorgeous knitted strandwork. You'll also learn how to create knitted fabrics with holes, pleats, double-fabrics, and more. Knitters of all skill levels will love the projects and inspiration Christofferson presents and the aesthetic masterpiece of Pop Knitting will have the most advanced knitters eager to experiment. Bright color dominates throughout this exuberant book, making simple patterns boldly stand out. Discover vibrant color, in-depth instruction, and artful inspiration that have ruled Christoffersson's work and life. Pop Knitting promises revolutionary knitting results.

Knitting Technology

Knitting Technology Author David J. Spencer
ISBN-10 9781483182230
Year 2014-05-20
Pages 368
Language en
Publisher Elsevier

Knitting Technology details the fundamental principles of knitting. The title tackles the topics that are relevant to the application of knitting technology in education, industry, or commerce. The coverage of the text includes flat, circular, full fashioned, hosiery, Raschel, tricot, and crochet production. The selection also discusses the historical development of the types of machines and their actions and mechanisms, as well as the construction, properties, and end uses of the products they manufacture. The book will be of great use to anyone involved in weft and warp knitting.

Norah Gaughan s Knitted Cable Sourcebook

Norah Gaughan s Knitted Cable Sourcebook Author Norah Gaughan
ISBN-10 9781613122914
Year 2016-10-11
Pages 240
Language en
Publisher Abrams

This guide for the modern knitter presents more than 150 new and innovative cable stitch patterns ranging from basic to complex and offers enlightening insight into how cables are engineered, how knitters can design their own, and how knitters can mix and match cables in a knitting pattern. Teacher, author, and master knitter Norah Gaughan shares her design principles and offers clear cable-making instruction throughout, always in a conversational, easy-to-understand voice that proceeds naturally, as one cable idea leads to the next. Master the art of cable knitting, then test your newfound skills with the 15 garment patterns for wraps, sweaters, and accessories. Also available from Norah Gaughan: Knitting Nature,Comfort Knitting and Crochet: Afghans and Comfort Knitting, and Crochet: Babies and Toddlers.


Knitting Author Sandy Black
ISBN-10 1851775595
Year 2012-09-01
Pages 240
Language en
Publisher Victoria & Albert Museum

A curator of The New Knitting touring exhibition draws on the Victoria & Albert Museum's extensive collection to chart the craft's history from a domestic art to one of the most sophisticated computer-controlled textile production processes used today, in a photographic showcase that displays everyday articles beside master-level adaptations.

Kiselev s Geometry

Kiselev s Geometry Author Andreĭ Petrovich Kiselev
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822037285152
Year 2008-01-01
Pages 176
Language en

This volume completes the English adaptation of a classical Russian textbook in elementary Euclidean geometry. The 1st volume subtitled "Book I. Planimetry" was published in 2006 (ISBN 0977985202). This 2nd volume (Book II. Stereometry) covers solid geometry, and contains a chapter on vectors, foundations, and introduction in non-Euclidean geometry added by the translator. The book intended for high-school and college students, and their teachers. Includes 317 exercises, index, and bibliography.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Author Vincent Walsh
ISBN-10 9780262232289
Year 2003-06-06
Pages 297
Language en
Publisher MIT Press

A guide to the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation to reversibly disrupt cortical functioning as a means of studying perceptual and cognitive functions.

Knitting Fresh Brioche

Knitting Fresh Brioche Author Nancy Marchant
ISBN-10 1936096773
Year 2014-11-04
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Sixth & Spring Books

Introduces an original brioche technique for two-color brioche rib, providing step-by-step instructions for all aspects of the technique, from basic stitches to repairing mistakes, and includes twelve shawl and scarf projects for practice.

Nucleic Acids in Chemistry and Biology

Nucleic Acids in Chemistry and Biology Author G Michael Blackburn
ISBN-10 9781782625773
Year 2015-11-09
Language en
Publisher Royal Society of Chemistry

The structure, function and reactions of nucleic acids are central to molecular biology and are crucial for the understanding of complex biological processes involved. Revised and updated Nucleic Acids in Chemistry and Biology 3rd Edition discusses in detail, both the chemistry and biology of nucleic acids and brings RNA into parity with DNA. Written by leading experts, with extensive teaching experience, this new edition provides some updated and expanded coverage of nucleic acid chemistry, reactions and interactions with proteins and drugs. A brief history of the discovery of nucleic acids is followed by a molecularly based introduction to the structure and biological roles of DNA and RNA. Key chapters are devoted to the chemical synthesis of nucleosides and nucleotides, oligonucleotides and their analogues and to analytical techniques applied to nucleic acids. The text is supported by an extensive list of references, making it a definitive reference source. This authoritative book presents topics in an integrated manner and readable style. It is ideal for graduate and undergraduates students of chemistry and biochemistry, as well as new researchers to the field.

An Introduction to Kolmogorov Complexity and Its Applications

An Introduction to Kolmogorov Complexity and Its Applications Author Ming Li
ISBN-10 0387498206
Year 2009-03-18
Pages 792
Language en
Publisher Springer Science & Business Media

“The book is outstanding and admirable in many respects. ... is necessary reading for all kinds of readers from undergraduate students to top authorities in the field.” Journal of Symbolic Logic Written by two experts in the field, this is the only comprehensive and unified treatment of the central ideas and applications of Kolmogorov complexity. The book presents a thorough treatment of the subject with a wide range of illustrative applications. Such applications include the randomness of finite objects or infinite sequences, Martin-Loef tests for randomness, information theory, computational learning theory, the complexity of algorithms, and the thermodynamics of computing. It will be ideal for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and researchers in computer science, mathematics, cognitive sciences, philosophy, artificial intelligence, statistics, and physics. The book is self-contained in that it contains the basic requirements from mathematics and computer science. Included are also numerous problem sets, comments, source references, and hints to solutions of problems. New topics in this edition include Omega numbers, Kolmogorov–Loveland randomness, universal learning, communication complexity, Kolmogorov's random graphs, time-limited universal distribution, Shannon information and others.

Modern Spatial Econometrics in Practice

Modern Spatial Econometrics in Practice Author Luc Anselin
ISBN-10 0986342106
Year 2014-12-27
Pages 394
Language en
Publisher Geoda Press LLC

This book is the definitive user's guide to the spatial regression functionality in the software packages GeoDa and GeoDaSpace, as well as the spreg module in the PySAL library --all developed at the GeoDa Center for Geospatial Analysis and Computation. The book provides the techniques to test for and estimate spatial effects in linear regression models, addressing both spatial dependence (spatial autoregressive models) as well as spatial heterogeneity (spatial regimes models). The book also serves as an introduction and a practical guide to spatial econometrics in that it covers the methodological principles and formal results that underlie the various estimation methods, test procedures and model characteristics computed by the software. While the classical maximum likelihood estimation is included, the book's coverage emphasizes modern techniques based on the principle of generalized method of moments (GMM).